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On a Journey to Find Meaningful Work: Meet Gemma Milne

Episode Summary

Science writer and public speaker Gemma Milne discusses her desire to help people develop critical thinking, and her struggles to find meaningful work. Key takeaways: Her earliest memories and her fondness for maths Wanting to be an dolphin trainer as a child and later an astronaut Dealing with rejection and overcoming complacency Being bullied for being intelligent and taking revenge by attending Space School Her disappointment with Ogilvy Transitioning to science writing and starting to write a book Twitter: @gemmamilne

Episode Notes

Gemma Milne is a British science writer and speaker on innovation and technology. Despite being a high-achiever (or maybe because of it), she struggled to find work that was meaningful to her. This is one of the things that makes her very human.

Another thing that makes her human is her self-awareness around the desire for attention. Other topics we covered in today’s podcast include her wanting to become a dolphin trainer and later astronaut, attending Space School in Houston and working for the advertising giant Ogilvy.

On today’s podcast:


Gemma’s Website
Twitter: @gemmamilne