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Finding Balance in the Passionate Pursuit of Life: Meet Laura Curau

Episode Summary

Communications professional Laura Curau talks about her passion for helping others, learning to ask for help, and her journey to finding her balance. On today’s podcast: Laura’s family were her role models Her political activity began in her teenage years She excelled academically but struggled socially in school Traveling with Up With People was life changing and inspiring Dealing with burnout at work Learning to ask for help

Episode Notes

Laura Curau was born in the small town of Münsterlingen, Switzerland and lived most of her life in nearby Weinfelden. Her and her twin brother are the youngest of four siblings, raised by supportive, enterprising, and politically involved parents.

Ever since she was a young girl, Laura enjoyed learning and being good at things, though in school she was often bullied because of this.

Her political involvement began in her teenage years, and her journey to becoming national campaign manager for one of the largest political parties in Switzerland, taught her a lot about work-life balance, asking for help, and knowing when to quit.

What makes Laura human are her passion for life, desire to connect with others, and willingness to search for the balance between hard work and the pursuit of fulfillment.

On today’s podcast: